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We are solving problems, not pushing tactics

Velarys team delivers essential services for your business growth. Our accounting team ensures financial accuracy and compliance, while compliance experts manage legal necessities. Benefit from strategic financial insights with our virtual CFO services or streamline your incorporation process with our comprehensive incorporation solutions.

  • An Effective Game Plan
  • Advice in Common Language
  • Straightforward Execution
  • Clear Deliverables
Comprehensive range of accounting services, designed to streamline your financial operations.
Virtual CFO
Your dedicated CFO will guide your company towards effective financial planning and robust governance.
We provide a full suite of solutions to enhance your online visibility, engagement and sales.
From incorporation to corporate compliance, we ensure your business adheres to all legal standards.
Full Stack Accounting Services

Accounting made easy. Focus on building, not bookkeeping

You'll be assigned a highly skilled accountant, utilizing advanced workflows that outperform conventional, error-prone accounting methods. Your dedicated controller will oversee your accounts to ensure accuracy.

  • Dedicated accountant and controller.
  • Integrate your bank, credit cards,
    payment processor, payroll and more.
  • Generate P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow
    statement with a few clicks.
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Finance, Forecast, Future-Proof

Enhance your growth potential by engaging our experienced CFO's

Our virtual CFO service provides your business with the expert financial leadership essential for growth. This service brings top-tier financial expertise to your business efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Strategic financial planning.
  • Risk management and mitigation.
  • Cash flow management and forecasting.
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Streamlined Company Incorporation Services

Choose the best business setup consultant for global business expansion

Our company incorporation services transcend standard offerings. We identify crucial areas for seamless expansion, align them with your corporate objectives, and execute precise strategies to facilitate tangible outcomes.

  • Streamline legal framework for compliance and readiness.
  • Guide through complex regulations seamlessly with expert support.
  • Ensure smooth incorporation with full regulatory compliance.
Corporate Matters Made Easy

Put your company compliance on autopilot

Smoothly handling the complexities of compliance is vital for any business. Our services are designed to simplify and effectively manage every aspect of corporate compliance.

  • Start a company effortlessly.
  • Receive reminders on compliance deadlines.
  • We act as your virtual corporate secretary.
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Client Success Stories

Real-world testimonials showcasing the value we bring to every partnership

Working with Velarys has been a pleasure. Their professionalism and dedication to our success have made them an integral part of our team.

Michal Zrust
CEO / Lestari Capital

Since partnering with Velarys for our accounting and compliance needs, Elev8 has experienced unparalleled support. Their insightful advice and meticulous approach have significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and ensured strict adherence to regulatory standards.

Aditya Mathur
Managing Director /

Venturerock's association with Velarys for our compliance needs has been truly outstanding. Their expert knowledge and proactive approach have provided us with the assurance and guidance needed to navigate complex regulatory landscapes. With Velarys's support, we've been able to maintain the highest standards of compliance, positioning us for long-term success.

Floris van Hoogenhuyze
CEO / Venturerock

Velarys's support has been invaluable to our business. Their strategic thinking and attention to detail have helped us make informed decisions and achieve our goals. Velarys was not only our key initial implementation partner for the corporate entity set-up but they were able to add services including Board functions such as secretary and resolution tracking, and back-office accounting services. They are more than just service providers; they are trusted advisors who are invested in our success and grow as we grow.

Mike Wallace
CEO / E~NAV Offshore

OYO Hotels has benefited greatly from our partnership with Velarys for our compliance needs. Their attention to detail and proactive assistance have been crucial in meeting legal requirements. With Velarys's guidance, we've successfully navigated complex compliance matters, allowing us to focus on delivering exceptional hospitality experiences.

Gautam Swaroop

We appreciate Velarys's expertise and unwavering dedication to be instrumental in ensuring our adherence to regulatory standards and financial integrity. With their support, we've refined our compliance procedures and accounting practices, enabling us to navigate complex regulations.

Simon Gwozdz
CEO / Equatorial Space

We appreciate the invaluable support provided by Velarys for our compliance requirements. Their exceptional knowledge and consistent reliability have been instrumental in upholding regulatory standards. With Velarys's guidance, we've streamlined our compliance practices, confidently navigating intricate regulations with clarity and efficiency."

Jeffrey Chatellier
CEO / Forest Carbon

UNL highly values Velarys's indispensable aid in both accounting and compliance domains. Velarys's expertise and unwavering commitment have played a crucial role in safeguarding our financial integrity and regulatory compliance. With their guidance, we've refined our accounting processes and compliance strategies, enabling us to navigate intricate regulations with confidence and finesse.

Xander van der Heijden
CEO & Founder / UNL

Since our 2018 incorporation in Singapore, Velarys’s team has been invaluable, covering incorporation, accounting, and compliance with exceptional dedication. They consistently go above and beyond, offering insightful advice anytime we need it. Their support has been pivotal to our success.

Mihnea de Vries
CEO / Scooterson Inc.
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