Hey, welcome to my blog!

First of all, what is this blog all about? So I’m very much interested in brains and intelligence. What is intelligence? How does it work? How does the brain work? Can we ever build our own intelligent systems? And I started to write about these topics in order to understand them better myself and really get my thoughts on paper. It’s always easy to kind of think about things but once you have to put your thoughts into a solid form you truly have to know what you actually want to say. So then a friend of mine totally convinced me to start a blog! If I was writing anyway for myself, why not share my thoughts with anyone who is interested? Well now here I am hoping you’ll find something worth your time.


To tell you a little about me:

My name is Marvin Fey and I’m a 20-year-old german student of Cognitive Science in Osnabrueck, Germany. I’ve been interested in the brain since around high school but have gotten really enthusiastic about it since I read the book “On Intelligence” by Jeff Hawkins and Sandra Blakeslee in my second year studying. The book is about a new theory of what intelligence even is and how the brain implements it. It’s really great because it’s so easy to comprehend and opens up your mind to lots of new ideas! So anyway, this book really got me going and I started writing about my thoughts about the brain.

The general style with which I like to write is to make things as intuitive as possible. Before I had read “On Intelligence” I had already read some papers here and there and other theories about the brain. But none were as clear and intuitive as “On Intelligence”. Jeff Hawkins takes every day examples that you have probably experienced yourself in order to make a point, he makes you say: “hey yeah that definitely makes sense now that you say it”. It’s a lot like the style of Daniel Kahneman in “Thinking Fast and Slow”, where he uses demonstrations so that the reader experiences firsthand what he means.

I want to show you things, not tell you. That’s easier said than done but I’ll try my best.

Happy reading 🙂